Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Record Store Day!

Today is record store day. Did you go record shopping? I did, Olive's checking out some the records I bought today.
She's really into Japanese kids music.
good stuff.
oh the b-side on this one is good.
Here's the used CD's I bought today at Amoeba. Three of 'em were only $4.99. They were also giving out Gift bags w/ crappy promo CDs & records. Here's a list of what was in my gift bag.
Paddy Casey-Sampler CD
Amoeba Music record slip mat
Local H 2002 Half Life sampler & video CD (YES!)
Amoeba postcard
Kaki King-Pull Me Out Alive 7" (heck yeah!)
Amoeba bumper sticker
Bauhaus sticker (David J is dj-ing at Amoeba today)
Patch w/ bats & spooky mountains from Warner Bros. (I have no idea what this is for.)
Bomp!/Alive 2006 Sampler CD
Amos Lee s/t CD (who does this guy think he is?)
Jack Johnson-If I Had Eyes 7" (Dreams really do come true.)
Amoeba pin
Bauhaus Go Away White stencil. (Oh Yeah, the other guy in Bauhaus who isn't Peter Murphy is also dj-ing today.)
I would gladly trade anyone all these items for the Merge Records Destroyer split 7" that was supposed to be given away on Record Store Day, Amoeba staff claimed to not know about the free 7". Could it be greedy employees keeping all the copies to sell on eBay? hhmmmmm.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Record Store Day

Record Store Day is this Saturday!
I miss Aarons Records, No Life Records, Sea Level, & Rhino Records in Westwood. I don't miss Tower Records.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Hair Doo

Olive's 1st birthday was 3/29 check all the great pics here on Mom's blog.